Citroen x Le Coq Sportif Bike Workshop

Following the recent featuring of PLUMA track bikes, a continuing topic in the SATORI & SCOUT studio at the moment is biking. Not one to say they are any better or worse than the more popular four wheeled automotive transport option, in merit of satori and the aspirational lifestyle, there is often much more news and traction (excuse the pun) on two wheels than four. Undecided, lets feature both...

In celebration of Citroen's 70th Anniversary of their Type H Van, the French car manufacturer has collaborated with Le Coq Sportif to create two mobile bike workshops that are about to visit various cycling events throughout the entirety of the year. Using the synonymous Type H vehicle itself and its successor, the Jumpy van, Citroen's mobile workshop vehicles are customised with the famous tricolours of Le Cog Sportif, red, white and blue. With both brands deep with rich heritage values, the collaboration is perhaps a retro combination as much as a contemporary idea. With as much quality as sporting and manufacturing legacy, the fusion of a functional workshop(s) and the inherent beauty of both brands' appeals gives the result of a vehicle that will provide bike maintenance on demand on the tour whilst looking refreshingly cool.

The vehicles will be able to accommodate other purposes if required, for example selling racer jerseys. SATORI & SCOUT cannot decide whether it is the vehicles function of being a mobile bike repairer - how cool is that! - , or their external super-contemporary aesthetic that is more awesome. With a strong colour scheme and understated design, the vote is perhaps initially swung toward their stylish design, but in merit of their promotion of the sport at large and interesting the more fashionable of fans, the balance is perhaps very much 50/50. In SATORI & SCOUT's personal opinion, Le Coq Sportif is one of the forerunners to French clothing manufacturing, equal to Citroen for automobiles. That said, Lacoste and Renault might want to argue the debate otherwise.

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Photography credit : Citroen

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