Allbirds Flip Flops Of Sugar. A Sustainable Idea

When it comes to sustainability, it is well-documented that it is the fashion industry that needs to clean up their act first and foremost. With so much of the world's pollution associated with 'throwaway fashion', entire new concepts and business models such as 'slow fashion' or the 'circular economy' have been popularised; the latter is one that is particularly close to SATORI & SCOUT's founder's heart. One such brand that is doing all the good's and very few bad's towards improving such a situation for fashion is Allbirds and their latest launch is one that is perhaps previously unheard of: flip-flops made from sugar.

Imaginatively titled 'The Sugar Zeffers', these flip flops for men and women hit all the high notes in terms of awesomeness and sustainability. Allowing you an easy-going attitude and helping you find your feet sliding into quite a few more low-key adventures, the Sugar Zeffers are just the right amount of shoe but with a lighter footprint than ever before (pun intended). After years of research and development by Allbirds, the crafting of flip flops from sugar is finally a reality. As Allbirds describe, " what is undeniably our sweetest and most groundbreaking innovation yet, we've created SweetFoam™, our proprietary outsole material made with sugarcane and engineered with the world's first carbon negative green EVA."

Premium quality in terms of comfort as much as it's sustainable materiality, let alone speak of these flip-flops' availability in many fun colours and being minimalist by design, what more what could we want from a trusty flip-flop? Oh, and with so much effort into their eco-friendly ways, even the well-known environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor. Nice one (Cyril).

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Photography Credit : Allbirds

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