Urban Adventuring With A TELO Truck

New kid on the block, TELO Trucks, are claiming to have designed the world’s most efficient EV pickup for urban living and weekend adventuring. Redesigning the EV truck footprint and function from the ground up by marrying the state of the art in electrification and advanced safety technology, along with Toyota Tacoma capability, Tesla-like range and efficiency, in the footprint of a MINI Cooper, TELO is seemingly the most compact, practical and technically advanced truck around.

As TELO advertise, "...meeting the need for a highly functional and powerful EV pickup equally suited to navigating downtown and hauling people and gear out of town."

Telo SUV Vehicle Designers

An SUV Designed To Do More With Less

Standard crew-cab 5-seat, 5-foot bed capacity with a configurable mid-partition that either increases bed size to accommodate 4' x 8' plywood sheets with the tailgate up, or allows for additional seating for up to 8 passengers.

Built To Handle Everything You Need

TELO offers a 60" truck bed that, when extended into backseat thanks to an innovative midgate, can accommodate 4' x 8' plywood sheets or a 8’ surfboard while the tailgate is up. TELO’s specially designed storage tunnel under the bed doubles as a footwell for a third row of seats, enabling TELO to accommodate up to eight passengers. Belongings are safely secured by the tonneau cover, making TELO the perfect vehicle to safely store work items and weekend gear while on the go.

Telo SUV Vehicle Compact Pick Up Truck

  • Range to roam - offering a 350-mile range, 106kWh, 20-minute (20-80%) fast charging battery pack that fits in the footprint of a sub-subcompact vehicle.
  • Seeing around corners - utilising the latest in advanced safety technology—sensors to predict and classify collisions before they happen, airbags and structural technology—to make our vehicles safer not only for occupants but also for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vulnerable road users.
  • Effortless agility - easily maneuver through tight traffic and trails with improved visibility and greater agility both on and off-road.

Telo SUV Vehicle Same As Mini

Telo SUV Vehicle Urban Pick Up Truck

Telo SUV Vehicle Outdoors

Project / Brand: TELO Trucks
Photography: TELO Trucks

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