The Soundgarden Music Festival By Red Bull

Flashback to Summer where most of the world almost saw record temperatures, a particular highlight for SATORI & SCOUT was the Soundgarden Music Festival by Red Bull, located on Babylon Kilyos beach, Istanbul (Turkey). Hosted by Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA), the temporary installation was designed and operated by Turkish studio BARN.arch. Offering an area that was divided into five stands that included the main stage of DJ performances, two bars and a water supply station, BARN.arch's concept was realised by utilising the easy construction of scaffolding that was built in just 22 hours, disassembled in 2.

With the vision of the intervention to dominate the stage rather than the other way around, as otherwise conventional, the installation was envisioned by the stage becoming the central zone around which four areas were located. With open space, sound and lighting systems distributed evenly throughout the five stands to avoid any quiet, non-interactive null zones, the coastal venue fully enabled the crowd to experience the backstage area of such music experience. Offering maximum impact, the entire beach was utilised, and the Soundgarden Music Festival by Red Bull could certainly be seen as a success. Complete with intriguing mirrors and panels that attempted to reflect and continue the sandy, ocean-drift of the environment, perhaps soon this music venue-type will rival the music scenes of Croatia's yachts or Ibiza's nightclubs.

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