The Cute And Confident Stationary Of Daily Fiction

As Femmes Regionales' biggest collaboration to date, Daily Fiction for Normann Copenhagen offers over 200 awesome little designs each as cutely patterned as they are functional. A candy store for grown ups, unique stories have been made by this lovely roster of products.

A playful tone to create an extra touch and add a unique personality to each product, this collaboration with Normann Copenhagen came about by their mutual interests in translating fashion to other industries; making things current but unseasonal. The entire selection of products has been bespokely designed and made, with everything from colour, print, materials and surfaces, presentation and gift wrapping wonderfully considered.

Are you a stationary aficionado, enthusiast, or novice? These wonderfully designed stationary items are both trendy and craftsmanship-focused, each offering minute details on each of the everyday designs. The saying 'The devil is in the details' has been taken very seriously by Femmes Regionales and Normann Copenhagen. As an extra beautiful detail, each product has been given its own tone of voice, and for instance, an eraser exists with the text 'Never forever' or felt pens with a title 'Make your marks'. A lovely personality. Combine your favourite things and patterns together and establish your own story (or write it...)

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