The Colourful Zen Of Burnout Cars

Cars' engines burning out is a bad thing, right? Much in the same way that people are fascinated by the plumes of colourful smoke that the British RAF Red Arrows planes produce during their aerobatic displays, Australian photographer Simon Davidson has created an array of colourful and dynamic photographs that are well worth a looking. With an equal balance of engineering and 'petrolhead' interest, and creative and fluid cloud forms, this artwork is certainly unique.

Via high-horsepower manoeuvres that sees sports cars remain stationary while madly spinning their wheels to cause their tyres to quickly heat up and create a dynamic ejection of smoke, Davidson has been able to capture a surreal and dynamic twist to otherwise chaotic scenes. Photographing saturated shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow and blue, "...amongst the bombastic chaos of a burnout, tranquility exists," Davidson explains. "Hidden from the conscious self, these zen like moments are only revealed by the slicing of time. the immediate reality for a sideline spectator of a high horsepower burnout is vastly different from what I'm searching for. Burnouts are loud, acrid and the air is thick with smoke and tyre dust. In my burnout series I am looking to explore beauty where it's not immediately obvious."

SATORI & SCOUT love this artwork, and are perhaps inspired once more to always look for design and creative flair in all the unsuspecting places. View more photographs of this project at

Photography credit : Simon Davidson

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