The Airbus Airspace Passenger Experience

When something is described as 'neo', you know its good. Knowing you cannot call something 'neo-neo' should an upgrade occur, you have to be confident enough that the initial neo is perfect enough to stand the test of time. Announced last week was Airbus' new concept in jetliner cabins, and the proposals aim to coalesce technological advances, optimum flying performances and the ultimate passenger experience.

Launched by the official Airspace by Airbus brand, such optimum performances have been based on four dimensions: comfort, ambience, service and design. Arguably quite topically open, the combination is anything but shy and ambiguous; the Super-Widebody A330NEO certainly appears to offer a more relaxing and attractive environment than any other airline for any passenger, and also gives its cabin crew more space than ever before.

As Kiran Rao, executive Vice President of Airbus' marketing and strategy explains, "...the A380 already offers the best comfort of any aircraft, and the A320 is the top in its single-aisle category, but Airspace is another step forward, reflecting our decision to bring consistency on our two best-selling widebody aircraft: the A350 XWB and A330neo". Prepare to be dazzled.

As part of the new proposals, signature design elements that are seen throughout all Airspace cabins include much wider seats, deeper overhead storage lockers; spacious and relatable-to-home lavatories, unobstructed under-seat foot space, welcome area at the boarding doors, ambient LED lighting, and clean interior architecture. Parts of the jetliner certainly look more like an aquarium than a plane, and SATORI & SCOUT reckon it gains high marks on the design front, particularly as design - as we always promote - serves to improve the aspirational lifestyle. The plane's design even has flexible seating available in the main deck, there is that much room to spare!

Rao concluded his comments on the launch with "...such signature details and iconic elements will add to passengers' enjoyment of flight, while offering a flexible canvas to which the airlines can project their own brand." Have a safe flight.

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