The 10.4mm Thick Spectre Laptop

Marketed as the world's thinnest laptop, the combination of design and technology has just been taken to the next level. Using artisan materials and strikingly beautiful craftsmanship, HP have possibly created something that would match, and probably better, anything that the Apple fan-base would sacrificially admire. At just 10.4mm thick, the laptop also hasn't compensated any power for its desire to claim the 'thinness' marketing mantelpiece, whereby the machine boasts an impressive performance with either of full Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 packages. SATORI & SCOUT full agree with HP's statement of "...the world's most luxurious laptop is completely irresistible."

Crafted from durable and lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre, the incredibly thin laptop is as strong and protective as it is aesthetically fantastic. Likewise, the utlisiation of such materials enables the featherweight 13-inch screen laptop to weight just 1.11 kilograms - thats 70 times less the average person! With little comparison from other computer manufacturers in terms of such statistics, it is the details that elevate the laptop from being purely functional to highly desirable. With surface finishes of high-luxury, and a two tone finish that gives a particular contrasting beauty, the HP Spectre is unrivaled on so many levels.

To ensure that the laptop isn't just a fashion gimmick, the laptop's incredible screen is made from a highly durable and scratch resistant edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla® glass, while the laptop achieves its thinness largely because of its hinge that is highly innovative by design, being more of a piston than a conventional bolt, folding to give you a clean and nearly hingeless look. To complete its desirable traits, the keyboard is backlit and the trackpad is made from glass (as opposed to the often sweat-sensitive resin).

Equipping a laptop that is so thin with so much power requires an innovative approach to its cooling, whereby traditionally such a feature is the crippling factor to many conceptual designs. With state of the art hyperbaric cooling technology that has been introduced by Intel®, the machine actively draws cool air in as opposed to simply venting heat out. With such a feature allowing the machine to feature a more powerful processor without overheating, and combined with its unique dynamic power settings that self-adjust to your workload, the HP Spectre laptop both looks super-cool and stays always-cool at its peak performance.

If you find that you are often working on the move, or always wanting to style the latest of technologies, then simply look no further than the HP Spectre. With such a visual appeal supported by its pinpoint efficiencies, you can tell that such a machine has been back and forth between HP's engineers and designers for a very long time, perhaps with the sole intention to finally put an end to Apple's domination of the super-thin laptop market. The HP Spectre is certainly on our wishlist and gets our nod hereforth.

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