Star Wars x Thomas Dagg

The Star Wars enterprise has to be one of the most earth-shattering movie series of all time in a galaxy not so far away, very similar to ours. Excusing the puns, the extremely talented Thomas Dagg from Toronto, Canada, has published his own take on the filmed epic journeys through space. The franchise, undoubtedly, is loved by almost all sci-fi enthusiasts, and even people who seldom enjoy such entertainment have often flirted with the occasional viewing of a few of the eight Star Wars movies. Irrespective of which category you fall in, SATORI & SCOUT are confident that you will appreciate the artwork that Thomas Dagg has produced and is on showcase here.

We all know that black and white photography is often encapsulating, and usually depict scenes of more sincerity and emotion than those that are coloured. At first glance, had you not been informed and directed to this article via the Star Wars headline, you'd probably simply see the photography for what it is. Each photo is in itself a wonderful piece, and captures American daily life and environments very well. The keener eyed of you, however, will probably notice the slight oddity. Be it a drone, an AT-AT walker, lightsaber, fighter jet or Yoda himself, each photo features some wonderfully contextual Star Wars twist. Varying in subtleness between each of the scenes, we hope you agree that Dagg's collection has been wonderfully manipulated.

As Dagg explained to SATORI & SCOUT, each piece features one of his action figures or toys from his childhood, and have been photographed and manipulated in a way to reflect how he saw them as a child whilst playing around. As "...a tribute to the movies that started me on the creative field that I now work in and pay homage to the power of a child's imagination" (Dagg), we feel that this collection is great in every way.

We wonder, therefore, what life would be like should any of Dagg's Star Wars' twists were actually realised. You can easily imagine sitting in the twenty-fourth row of the Yankee Stadium watching Derek Jeter smash home a home-run using a luminous lightsaber bat, or standing waiting for your train to arrive into the underground station while Boba Fett takes a shameless selfie, using the perspex panels as a mirror. SATORI & SCOUT's personal favourite is the daily commute for Darth Vader, sitting on his tram in a seat no more special than anyone else's, and no-one even fretting by his frightening presence.

Dagg's imagination and manipulation skills to effortlessly synchronise the characters and vehicles are simply brilliant. Try not to get carried away though and second-glance everyone when you next head into a busy public place.

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