Introducing The New Apple iPhone Xs and Xr

There is always a variety of emotions felt by fans and observers alike when Apple launches any new mobile phone model; some entirely eager to learn of any new device's technology whilst others reminisce of times when Apple's mobile handsets were cheaper.

Before exploring the new Apple release, it is probably safe to comment that some of the more recent launches have certainly been met with more disappointment than any instant rush to purchase. Are times changing for Apple in that other brands are truly catching up with technology and 'coolness'? The SATORI & SCOUT studio might be lined with Apple iMacs, but here's a little secret: none of us are Apple iPhone users. All updates of the iPhone X, Apple's new release includes three brand new models, one of which is a larger screen version and another, a cheaper version all-round - maybe they do listen to consumer feedback after all? Released exactly a year after the predecessor iPhone X, Jonathan Ive of Apple explains "...the iPhone X described our vision for the smartphone [and] today we're extending that vision across three new products."

Introducing the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr, these new models do in fact feature many similar features to the previous iPhone X, and suchlike list includes Apple's now-signature 'true-depth' camera system, edge-to-edge screen dimensions, facial recognition et al. However, adding to such technology feats are now even better photography and video, as well as a truly awe-inspiring upgrade to all of it's gaming and related augmented reality technology. With the standard Xs version featuring a 5.8-inch screen and the Xs Max having a whopping 6.5-inch display - the same size as the iPhone 8Plus - all of this is complemented with a never-seen-before 3.3 million-pixel screen that covers the handset's frontage. Such a super retina display is definitely unrivalled against all Apple's competitors and doesn't the product shots in the above slideshow look so amazing? Arguably more of a technology upgrade, however, is the device's internal chip which has been titled 'A12 Bionic', offering machine-learning capabilities in real-time to enable better performance and more power efficiency. Processing 5 trillion operations per second, Philip W Schiller of Apple explains, " is without question the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone." Wow.

It isn't just the software which has seen some radical upgrades with the external body being manufactured from surgical-grade steel and the glass being it's most durable ever (as they say) so that the iPhone Xs can be submerged underwater to a depth of 2 metres for up to 30 minutes. SATORI & SCOUT are quite tempted to test this theory by going as deep as 2.1 metres or being underwater for 30 minutes and 1 second, however, a price tag of over £900 per device might put an end to such silliness. Featuring absolute-zero shutter lag on the camera to enable multiple shots to be taken at once to combine in creating a final image, as well as a new feature to adjust the depth of field after taking the image (yes, after), Apple really are pushing every boundary possible; and with an inbuilt 512GB worth of storage, feel free to take as many photos as you'd like! Literally, what is stopping you? Technology isn't. There is no doubt that such phones are mightily impressive, and SATORI & SCOUT are certainly glad to see Apple releasing a cheaper model version, but how much are you tempted to upgrade? Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Apple

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