Inside Your 'EL Capitan' Apple Macintosh

Ever wondered what goes on on the inside of a computer? With a lovely amount of whimsy and creativity, graphics studio dorothy has wonderfully captured their interpretation of an Apple Macintosh's internal going-on's. With cutaway features, this print is really quite cool and gives any observer the ability to wander their way around rooms full of miniature people that are hard at work to ensure that the Apple Macintosh runs as smoothly as we know and recognise today. We hope you can discover all of the little references that are woven into the illustration, from Safari's private browsing, the latest AirPort technology, bugs and updates such as El Capitan, to even an iQueue.

Available in print, this 50cm x 70cm graphic is pretty awesome. The Apple Macintosh was originally launched with a Ridley Scott directed commercial that made reference and allusion to George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four novel, and was introduced to the world by the late Steve Jobs on 24th January 1984. At the time, the commercial blew many people's minds and who'd have known that from that day on, millions of people would have a life long love affair with all things Apple.

This printed representation by dorothy is a relaxed and quirky graphic that highlights how the iconic computer manufacturer has always had 'inside information'. While many of you long term technology fans probably able to recognise many of the cult references, this graphic is even for the non-techy's, very well drawn for arts sake. Discover more about dorothy or purchase this print for £30.00 online at

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