Ferrari Fast Forward Its Theme Park Plans

Ferrari is a brand synonymous with fast cars, Italian class and world-leading engineering. With a theme park presently in Abu Dhabi on Yas Island (Ferrari World), located nearby to the local Grand Prix Racing circuit, the sports car manufacturer that was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 is expanding with two more confirmed, and one other rumoured. The soon-to-be-open second Ferrari theme park is currently under construction at the PortAventura Resort (Spain) (Ferrari Land), whilst the third theme park is reported to be "...located in one of the primary cities in mainland China". North America is the fourth rumoured location, though a definitive location is perhaps under as much lock and key as their tactics to Formula One success.

With details largely unknown regarding its North American site, it has been rumoured to be located in either Los Angeles or Orlando due to both being American epicenters for the very best of theme parks. Wherever Ferrari selects as its North American home, and along with its Chinese and Spanish counterparts, you can expect lots of racing-themed attractions that will no doubt include roller coasters, vertical acceleration towers, virtual test tracks, car-driving dodgem-like attractions and more. The PortAventura Resort Ferrari Land is due to open in 2016, and the theme park promises to include Europe's fastest and highest vertical accelerator. After such a fast day, you can then also relax in its five star hotel that sees its architecture designed in the shape of a Formula One Car's front wing.

The announcement, however, comes at a time of experimentation for the heads of the company, with the Board of Directors striving to position itself as a luxury lifestyle brand as much as an car manufacturer and racing team. Already offering lines of clothing and merchandise, and along with its opening of a network of retail stores, the company has recently appointed Louis Vuitton's Moet Hennessy and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, both now firmly behind the company steering wheel. As Giuliano Noci, a professor of marketing at Milan Polytechnic, explains, "Ferrari is a paradox...the brand is so iconic that its image is so related to supercars that it becomes really difficult to expand it beyond the auto business." Perhaps their new roster of theme parks is more streamlined to the public's perception of the brand?

With the red of Ferrari's Formula One cars used omnipresently in the developments, SATORI & SCOUT reckon that theres bundles of fun for all the family to be found at these theme parks, whether you are a car junkie or a family of four (or both, of course). Discover more about the current Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi at

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