eRoadArlanda vs Electric Car Technology

eRoadArlanda might not be the catchiest of names, but the technology that is coming out of Sweden right now really ought to be adopted worldwide. A compelling research project that has lead to real-life investment, might this be the future of our roads as we know it? Watch out Elon Musk... The entire eRoadArlanda project is to make future electrified roads a reality. A solution based on conductive technology that uses a single electric rail that is installed into roads to power and recharge vehicles during their journey, the project is a part of the Swedish Transport Administration's pre-commercial procurement of innovation.

The company's first assignment includes the construction of a 1.2 mile test track that can be found between the Arlanda Cargo Terminal and the Rosersberg logistics area near Stockholm (Sweden). The investment in the eRoadArlanda project is in line with the Swedish government's target of creating a fossil-free transportation infrastructure by 2030-2050 and will help to boost Sweden€™s competitiveness, particularly as some other countries are pioneering their own green agenda.

The system works by the rail providing energy to the vehicles via a movable arm which has the ability to automatically detect when the rail is near and lowers itself to begin the charging procedure. Very similar to how some trams are powered across Europe, could this system roll out into cars, in Sweden and beyond? With so much media focus on brands such as Volvo, BMW and Tesla making their electric cars, might this technology somehow steal the day and win the rounds?

Advantage one over current technology: charging while moving would help reduce the size of batteries that are required and therefore affect sustainability etc; advantage two: less charging points and infrastructure, but then again, we might need to lay down quite a few miles of track before this becomes widely adopted. Onwards and upwards though. Discover more about the project online at: 

Photography credit : eRoadArlanda
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