Earin M-2 Earphones Prove Small Is Powerful

SATORI & SCOUT are always big advocates of aspirational and enthusiastic new kids on the block, and Earin are one of the latest brands attempting to break into a market which can only be described as already flooded with noise (pun intended).

Describing themselves as creators of audio products of extraordinary quality for people who love music, Earin was founded back in 2013 with one simple aim: to create high fidelity audio devices without compromise. Headquartered in Malmo (Sweden), Earin's dedicated team of audio technicians, engineers and industrial designers are already established and known to be continually exploring the potential of sound and technology as the brand pushes to one day become the new definition for wireless audio; the Scandinavians do love a good sound system don't they(?!) - Bang & Olufsen, Vifa et al. Introducing Earin's M-2 earphones - available without any cables - these little-but-powerful objects are stunning on the eye and in the ear. Combining ease-of-use with a certain design flair that only the best brands can ever master, the irony of everything is that Apple's mainstream Bluetooth AirPods were far from the first in creating a truly wireless convenience; these little gems of a product really did break the transition from cable to in-ear solutions.

A premium brand in every degree, the M-2 earphones offer a fantastic listening experience whilst being super cool to look at. Now available in white - though, only black is pictured - Earin's M-2 have quickly become a SATORI & SCOUT favourite around our studio. Without boasting the feat. of complete noise-cancelling (a now common feature that brands love to advertise), these earphones can actually tailor the amount of exterior noise it allows in, all via the simple use of an accompanying smartphone app.

Snug, clever and simple, the earphones are also equally matched by their packaging, a compact boxset that doubles up as a mobile charging device which offers the capability of trebling the lifespan of the earphones up to 12 hours. Certainly impressive by all measures, doesn't it make you think how some brands can charge you equal amounts to purchase for less features, both performance-wise and aesthetically. Discover more about the brand online at: Earin.co.

Photography credit : Earin

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