Colour Reflections Of A Gothic Church

The Gothic era was hardly one known to be a rainbow of colour, and yet Liz West's latest art installation looks more than settled and complementary. St John's Church in Scunthorpe (England) is currently the home of a transformative art installation that is both immersive and beautiful, with a spectrum of light and colour added to the Church's towering Gothic architecture.

Named Our Colour Reflection, the artwork is installed until June 26th at the Visual Arts Centre, a historic church turned exhibition space. A composition of hundreds of differently sized mirrored disks that reflect the gallery lighting into the roofs of the nave and aisles, the spectrum of hues complement the space's beams and archways (in particular) in a really interesting manner. With visitors able to view their own reflections in the mirrors as they meander and navigate themselves through the art space, the interaction is really quite unique given the building's obvious associated religious function.

Via the elements of light and colour, the art installation aims to stimulate people's perception and experience of a space, with the hard edged concrete contrasting wonderfully with the mirror's soft colours. To create such a perception and conversation between the viewer and the building, the mirrored composition is made up of 700 acrylic mirrors each with differing diameters of 30, 40, 50 and 60cm around the space. As well as the mirror's variable sizes, each are also set at different heights to reveal parts of the architecture that would otherwise be unknown, even to the keen eyed. Gothic churches can often be commonplace for coloured glass windows and yet St John's in Scunthorpe doesn't feature them so much, until now.

Playful, thoughtful and engaging, there is certainly an element of performance to West's work, and SATORI & SCOUT highly recommend a visit to this art space. Discover more about the deep sensory-aware installation at

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