Circular Runway Of Endless Benefits

Perhaps slightly ajar from our usual content, but SATORI & SCOUT is all for the sustainable future. Building an environment of the future with the society of today is a fine Utopian ideology and is one that the world is finally waking up to - or rather, so we always seem to remark about. Some serious efforts are being had around the world and generally, we feel scientists and world leaders aren't being given the credit they are due. Some designer's sustainable projects are really truly revolutionary and have impacted many communities. Now just for the remaining 99.9% of the world.

One such idea that has bounced around designer's offices is this, the Endless Runway. Designed by Dutch scientist Henk Hesselink, such an Endless Runway is said to consist of a 3.5km diameter round runway that encircles a terminal building. Allowing up to three planes to take off and land at any one moment in time, the footprint of such a design would use up but a third of a conventional airport. Inspired by the continual delays that wind affects, Hesselink's runway concept can, in theory, be utilised irrespective of adverse weather conditions. Such an idea pins to the basic fact that irrespective to where you are on the runway, there will always be crosswind.

With the circular shape of the banked runway designed as so to allow usage in all conditions, airplanes would be advised to land at the point where wind was at it's minimum, and likewise, take-off where enough headwind existed to allow better propulsion.

With various environmental and economical factors also said to be improved with the list including ecological footprint, financial cost, material cost in it's construction and emissions of a plane's takeoff, maybe such an idea is coming to an International airport near you? Might not catch on though, that's SATORI & SCOUT's guess. Discover more about the project online at:

Photography credit : International Airport Review

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