Beyond The Boundary Of Reality

When photography makes you double-take, and then triple-take, perhaps even quadruple-take, you know that what you're admiring is compelling and wonderful. Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer and retoucher based in Prague, is known for his vast portfolio of mind-bending images and boasts past collaborations that include a roster of Adobe, National Geographic, Volvo, Google, Microsoft, Aishti and Hornbach. Not just capturing moments, Johansson also captures ideas. With a highly creative problem solving approach, Johansson continually collects material and always thinks how to realise the ideas in his mind.

With every single final-photograph ever produced consisting of hundreds of mini images, the intention with each is to always create something that looks as though it could have been an actual captured photo. With no Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) or generic stock photography ever involved, every final-photograph is as personal as they are complex. To view how Johansson combines his photography together, take a look at these Behind the Scenes Videos.

With a lake of broken glass, a landscape of trees as soundwaves, a dwelling that makes little architectural sense, many porcelain shattered body parts, a man changing the weather using his washing line, a power-grid electrified guitar, a man having wet dreams upon his boat, and many more, Johansson's humour is all there to be seen and enjoyed. Having an equally wonderful understanding of photography and computer graphics, Johansson has this unique ability to create almost anything imaginable and delivers highly believable results of scenes that are far from realism, turning the outrageously surreal into relatable familiarities; enjoy yourself as you discover his work...

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