BentoStack Decluttering The Modern Lifestyle

The modern man (or woman, of course) can almost definitely be defined as having a well-connected, super-busy lifestyle. Whilst being only one click away from seeing what friends are up to via Instagram is all well and good, how many of you have been tempted by decluttering your life down to its bare essentials? Certainly an attractive proposition on paper, often the case may be that you strive to have less noise in your lifestyles, but there will be always something - just something - which makes our head spin by the time it arrives at 5pm in any given day.

Designed to declutter your lifestyle, the new BentoStack by Function 101 certainly appears to do just that. Beyond the plethora of Instagram posts which you can find yourself getting lost in, the abundance of daily accessories that each of us carries to work and back can also be an equal headache. Let us guess, you own some headphones, keys, phone (which seemingly needs an omnipresent USB charger), smartwatch, business cards? Where do we put them all when we only have two pockets?

Inspired by Japanese designer's desire for de-cluttering (a shout out to Muji is all too pertinent here), the BentoStack does everything similar to a Japanese lunch box. Compartmentalised to feature four storage placements, the transportable BentoStack box has been specifically sized to fit the dimensions of an Apple phone (sorry, Android users, though does this matter?), and alongside such a storage option, you are able to insert inside all your cables, cords, personal items etc. Ideal.

We all are familiar with the issue of smartphones running out of battery due to over-usage, and designed to overcome this modern lifestyle first world problem, the box is perfect to house your phone charger. Better still, the BentoStack is also available in a second version - the BentoStack Charge - which features a whopping 5000mAh power Bank and Certified Qi Wireless Charging Pad, and is compatible with either the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X. Multi-functional and multi-coloured (space grey, silver and rose gold), this small storage option may appear to be a simple box, but will it become your next favourite purchase? Perfect for travel and workspace organisation, SATORI & SCOUT reckons it just might be so.

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Photography credit : Function 101

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