Artistic BLOK Gym Opens In Shoreditch

So there's this new gym on the block in Shoreditch (UK), and it's kinda cool, right? Named BLOK - apt, we know - this award-winning fitness x art/design company that was originally based in Clapton (also London, UK) and founded by Ed Stanbury and fashion photographer Max Oppenheim has just opened it's doors to East London's favourite destination, and SATORI & SCOUT cannot wait to enter and try it out. Part of an overall ongoing development in connecting London's City to Shoreditch, the process will also see Amazon's new headquarters move into the area amongst many other leading companies; though will this spell the end of Shoreditch as THE place to be?

A gym designed by Daytrip Studio in collaboration with a lighting studio (There's Light), this gym features long corridors made super exciting by interplays of colour and reflections, all complemented with a fresh smell of coffee wafting through the air, art installations by Ben Cullen Williams and photography by Max Oppenheim. Of course, BLOK does actually feature gym studios too whereby a combination of carefully-selected materiality contrasts from concrete to fabric, glass to wood are used to echo London's hectic lifestyle versus corners of calm and energy. Offering all of the usual yoga and pilates, boxing and workout classes, this unique gym aims to promote art as much as it does muscle growth or mind calmness. Discover more about the gym online at:

Photography Ccedit : BLOK London
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