Apple Flip Phone Achieves Patent

As of yet unknown, but SATORI & SCOUT have received wind that all our favourite Apple has been granted a patent for a retro-style flip phone that will feature an OLED screen display. Big news.

The recently published patent outlines a potential future iPhone that is foldable with a flexible OLED display that will, supposedly, span edge to edge. Quite similar to the flip phones that became popular in the 1990s by brands like Motorola and Nokia, it is cited that the new Apple phones will be capable of folding in half across their middle.

As described by the patent and illustrated here, the phone would be split into two halves and joined by a hinge mechanism, with the OLED screen bendable about the hinged case. So far merely concepted and initially engineered at early stages, but connections between the two case sections will be supposedly made via flexible printed circuit boards.

As of yet a technology that Apple doesn't often utilise, OLEDs emit light across a surface rather than from a specific point. Featured in the new Apple Watches, sources suggest Apple are also about to roll out such technology across all their models. Only time will tell if such designs will surface at

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