A Public and Private Bubble

Everyone loves their own privacy and sometimes this isn't possible in many situations. Perhaps you enjoy our own mind, want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, or simply enjoy calmer settings. The Spacebuster was developed to explore the possibilities of calm and semi-private public spaces within the megalopolis of New York City. Interacting with its architecture and local conditions, the Spacebuster can provide a social space on demand, converting a public urban space for temporary collective uses, be it art installations, company meetings, PR exercises or council-led public community initiatives.

Transported within an American van - this concept has yet to expand beyond the States -, a big inflatable bubble can quickly form out of its reverse-shutters, and allow a maximum of 80 people inside the temporary structure. Using the remainder of the van's storage unit as a persons entrance into the space, the combination of van and bubble is all quite quirky and awesome. The bubble is created and supported via air pressure that is generated from a fan unit beneath the van's ramp, and is made from a translucent material that allows for the people inside and out to interact together, acting as a semi-permeable barrier - literally and metaphorically - between public and private. The material is extremely protective, and thus allows itself to take shape almost anywhere, be it under a tree, bridge or in an open area.

From within the Spacebuster, the lights from the surrounding architecture create this kind of surreal backdrop, whereby the internal space is a great public theatre venue. Projections can be made onto the membrane from the inside and out, and depending on the usage of the Spacebuster, the internal area can be kitted out with many various objects, be it public seating, dinner tables or office desks.

With all of the equipment storable inside the van itself, this self contained unit has massive potential for many various usages. SATORI & SCOUT will be keeping an eye on what could very well become a popular movement in the future.

Discover more about the Spacebuster's designers at Raumlabor.net.

Photography credit : Raumlabor.net

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