A Movie Poster A Day

Australian Graphic Designer Pete Majarich has set himself a pretty ambitious goal. It is presently midway through March, and the designers' aim is to 'attempt to create a movie poster each and every day of 2016'. So, that is 365 posters about 365 unique films - can you even name 365 films?! Seemingly a huge ask, you'd think that this project would perhaps be dragged out, and that designer / reader enthusiasm would wane as time progresses. Hitherto, though, all posters have been wonderfully designed and most of the chosen films have been well-known classics, or contemporary well-appraised films.

SATORI & SCOUT's favourite films so far featured include: Lincoln, Apollo 13, Flight, The Prestige, The Hurt Locker, Tree of Life, Star Wars, The Social Network, Killbill, Alien, Mad Max, Fargo, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction and Bourne Identity.

On the one hand you have to appreciate the artwork that is being generated above all else, however when you think about it, the speed at which Majarich is producing these pieces is equally as impressive. Likewise, each artwork isn't simply a copy and paste of the film's cover photo, far from, but an alternative twist on the plot or characters. Well done and good luck for the remainder posters Pete!

All Pete Majarich posters are available as prints online at Society6.com.

Photography Credit : Pete Majarich

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