Inside Google's New Vase-Like Nest WiFi Pro Router

When it comes to wi-fi routers, little did the world know that in their conception they'd become a thing of considered design. Like any technology piece of kit of this nature, consumers purchase these for their function more than their form. But, in recent years we're increasingly seeing technology items want to become a part of the decor, partly in fact that they actually work better when out in the open and not stored in some hidden cupboard, but also because, sure, why not look good at the same time? Whilst some routers continue to look the same as they always have - blocky, techy, they look like a router - here we introduce Google's new Nest WiFi Pro. We'd certainly put ours on show.

Inside Googles New Vase-Like Nest WiFi Pro Router

Sculptural and vase-like, the Google Nest WiFi Pro takes a completely smooth and round shape, much more complimentary to any decor than any router by, for example, Netgear, Amazon, Sky, TP-Link. Google realising that a router is now firmly an essential piece of home hardware, we'll take this one please.

As Isabelle Olsson and Ivy Ross of Google explain, "...a device like this has to work well and be out in the open [and that] is why we have a range of colours so it can really fit into your home."

Inside Googles New Vase-Like Nest WiFi Pro Router

Not just one for the eye, and whilst Google has made its own routers for several years, the Nest WiFi Pro router boasts added functionality and simplicity to it's unrivalled portfolio of domestic infrastructure. The Nest WiFi Pro router sees an upgrade on it's internal chipset to provide for WiFi 6E, the latest standard that is nearly three times as fast as the previous WiFi 6. With this, it takes advantage of the new band on the spectrum (6 GHz, whereas the older versions are 2.5 or 5 GHz) to enable all it's consumers to edge ever closer to that constantly connected future world where no-one uses cables. Cables, what are those? The Nest Wifi Pro router also has a built-in Thread border router to connect your smart devices and other Wi-Fi and Ethernet devices onto one Thread mesh network. The result is a stronger overall connection throughout more places in your home.

In addition to power, the Nest WiFi Pro router introduces added security measures, with the authentication required between devices made more robust and less reliant on those pesky old-fashioned, hackable passwords. Who needs those either? Not Google.

Inside Googles New Vase-Like Nest WiFi Pro Router

As for the design, the Nest WiFi Pro router progresses on from the soft matte surfaces that have embodied all Google products of late, instead opting for a glassy finish to truely make this sculpture - we mean, router - a good looking piece of a kit. With it's soft shape able to complement any room in the house - even your bathroom if you so wish to add some further softness to the space - and with the router available in Google's new colourways that are also used with their new Google Pixel, the Fog, Snow, Linen and Lemongrass finishes all " show the evolution of the technology."

Inside Googles New Vase-Like Nest WiFi Pro Router

As for sustainability, the Nest WiFi Pro router is made from 60% recycled material by weight, that includes a large portion of the plastic and aluminium used in the construction. Too, Google are starting to introduce a recycling programme in it's US market, to allow consumers to return appropriate electronics and devices to the company to be refurbished or recycled. Google, you're going places...

Project / Brand: Google

Photography: Google

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