Your Personal Seat On A Boeing 737

When it comes to furniture, many minimalist designers look to strip back everything to look as minimalistic as possible, offering a design with as few components and as small as reasonably possible - did you ever think that a plane engine would be minimalist? Using the engine cowling of an Boeing 737, a short to medium journey distance airliner that has two jet engines, creative company Fallen Furniture has created a highly-unique luxury chair that spins weightlessly on its highly polished aluminium base, and would be a colossal addition for anyone, from bachelor pads to cosy comfort rooms!

The immense awesomeness of the chair is perhaps the epitome of luxury seating. With high gloss that flawlessly finishes the cowling's shell and with a dark upholstered interior of the highest quality leather, the chair is both highly comfortable and cosy, and yet massive and very much a statement masterpiece.

Measuring 200cm in height, width and depth, there is no argument that the design's offering is as genuine as the real deal of a plane's actual engine...which is because it is one! In some ways very similar Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair of 1963, both chairs' spherical shape certainly look similar, and whilst Aarnio definitely wins the award of designing his first, it could be argued that the up-cycling of the engine is more impressive and innovative. Such a design idea is common-fold in principle these days, but is very rarely well-achieved, with Fallen Furniture's ideas closely aligned to Bel & Bel.

SATORI & SCOUT only wishes to scout and explore products, designs and styles that are particularly unique, and we feel there will be very few things more appropriate for us than this. Does it matter if you're not particularly an aviation fan? We don't think so.

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