Within The Trees Of A Rainforest (Casa Na Mata)

Considering all of the world's different terrain, climates and lifestyles, surely building a home in the depths of the Amazon rainforest is perhaps one of the hardest things any construction company and architects could do? Located in Guaruja near Santos (Brazil), Studio MK27 have designed a box house that has luxuriously introduced a swimming pool, outdoor decking and beautiful architecture to the otherwise vegetative landscape, yet sits proudly upon stilts (for canopy, flooding and safety reasons) much like any modest Amazonian home.

The Casa Na Mata Rainforest Home is situated in dense woodland that meets the Atlantic Ocean nearby, and this wonderful box home is as much a grand piece of architecture and engineering as it is art. Offering clean lines, expansive overhangs, vast open spaces and a wonderful material palette, Studio MK27 have been super creative with this project. Fully complementary of its local landscape, wonderfully blending in with the surrounding trees as much as sitting comfortably upon the topography, and via the usage of really efficient and high-aesthetic materials, the home's exterior and interior relationship is really appealing, let alone if you were to consider the amazing well-being one would get as your relax on the outdoor decking and pool area!

Constructed from exposed concrete and super-strong local timber, the highly functional home matches its contemporary style and together is perhaps an epitome of the aspirational lifestyle; SATORI & SCOUT certainly applaud the architects and home-owners on the final realisation. Feel the desire to be at one with nature(?), discover more at StudioMK27.com.br.

Photography credit : StudioMK27.com.br

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