Vipp's Nature Hotel Experience

SATORI & SCOUT sees abundant hotels and many small cabin ideas, but their coalescence is few and far between.

Described as a 'Human Charging Station In The Wilderness', this new Vipp hotel experience in Immeln (Sweden) is really quite unique (and awesome). A peaceful hideaway in the Swedish wilderness, this new 55 metre squared black steel structure has all the necessities and nothing more. Allowing you the opportunity to go offline and connect with nature, every piece of the shelter's dark-toned interior has been carefully selected to keep its guests focused on what is important in the moment, nature. As Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer, explains, "...We craved birdsong and open skies. To get out of the city with all the necessities and nothing more. The shelter is the result of that dream. A pod of tranquillity designed as a large-scale Vipp product."

With Vipp a household name in the kitchen decor and bathroom accessories world, the brand is often described as 'The last kitchen you will ever buy'; it is, therefore, no surprise that this Vipp shelter is wrapped in Vipp furniture, design and DNA from head to toe. Designed to be a livable design object dropped down in nature, the shelter is both a sales pitch of their (very good, it must be said) products, but also a perfectly beautiful shelter in its own right. Gaze out over the lake, listen to the sounds of the forest and cook to the calming crackling of the fireplace. Wow. With but one room to the entire hotel, as soon as you (and one other guest) check-in, the hotel becomes fully booked. Such a feature would be a huge annoyance to anyone else trying to book the hotel, but that small detail gives so much gravitas to your own experience.

Offering minimalist aesthetics and an appreciation for good design and architecture, is this hotel room but the perfect setting for SATORI & SCOUT and its fans? Absolutely. With prices starting at approximately $1175 per night, unfortunately, this won't be your cheapest holiday but without a doubt worth it. Discover more about the hotel experience online at:

Photography credit : Vipp
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