The Paramount House Hotel, Former Warehouse

As you may recognise by SATORI & SCOUT's high standards and aspirational aesthetic, the typical commercial-focussed hotel might not ever come up to scratch. That said, designed by Breathe Architecture, this featured renovation of the former Paramount Pictures's headquarters in Sydney (Australia) is certainly a punch above most we scout and discover.

Now a high-aesthetic boutique hotel, The Paramount House Hotel (aptly named) occupies the famous film studio's (former) office building in addition to it's adjacent (conveniently empty) warehouse. Combined, the setting has provided the most beautiful of raw interiors with fantastic details, interior finishes and architectural quirks. Offering a variety of rooms and suites to satisfy it's aesthetic-hungry patrons, it is those that can be viewed in the photo gallery that has SATORI & SCOUT most intrigued.

A characterful and intimate building, all of the subtle (and industrial) details, furniture and pieces of design have added many layers of complexity and awesomeness whereby a fully tactile experience awaits all it's patrons. Combining exposed bricks with timber floors as well as concrete ceilings with black metallic surface finishes, every room and suite is a unique visitor experience. Such an industrial aesthetic at such a scale is sure to come at a cost, but more curious to SATORI & SCOUT, it it so rare to find such a natural setting that requires minimal change to be the ideal destination for any aspirational traveller.

Complete with terraces, floor-ceiling glazing, plant-life and more, not least mention all the colour introductions by way of soft furnishings, linens and decoration, SATORI & SCOUT are sure you will be impressed by this hotel's aesthetic and become inspired in some way for your own home; though we also presume that any renovation of your own would be at much a smaller scale than 29 individual hotel rooms. Dreams. Discover more about the hotel online at:

Photography credit : Tom Ross

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