The Kissing of Canada's Kiss House

A curious title for a curious home, it is hardly secret that SATORI & SCOUT loves everything about Canada; this cedar-clad home is beautifully poised over it's waterfront setting and offers a refreshing home amdist nature. Without any unwarranted frills or audacious design statements, this light-toned 'Kiss' home can be found in Ontario (Canada) overlooking Rainy Lake, and simply features two volumes that meet and kiss in the loveliest of architectural manners. Desigend by Lazer Office, this home is the work of prefabrication and takes a rough V-shaped layout. Offering various timber structures and a detached garage that are each connected via outdoor decking and a triangular courtyard, a hole in the raised ground exposes the rocky surfaces below. With such a simple point of exposure, this home is both subtle and bold simultaneously.

As Lazer Office describe, " the 'kiss line' between two prefabricated modules, the lineal form of the house snaps like a branch held together only by bark. The open break forms a V-shaped outdoor room facing the water." Continuing, "...the site is on a remote island in Canada, making shipping construction materials to the site challenging. The house was prefabricated in two pieces, shipped to the site, and set in place via crane." Sitting on foundations that raise the entire house above its hillside coastline, the home's (glass) entrance can be found at the point of volume's meeting, as if the home were beginning to separate at the kiss line. One side features the kitchen with expansive lake views, the most glorious dining tables, a fireplace, reading area and master suite. In the adjacent - or opposing, depending on which way you look at it - volume, a large playroom, bathroom and two bedrooms, as well as a steam room and mud room, can be found (yes, this home has it's own spa facilities).

SATORI & SCOUT cannot pinpoint which part of the home is the grandest, or the most subtle, but certainly recognise this as an aspiring design. Discover more about the architect at:

Photography credit : Lazor Office

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