The Family Home Transformation

Often we look at residences and think to ourselves that some homes are so outdated that they warrant being completely knocked down before being a new home for its proud owner(s). Located in Holland, this former gardener's house was extremely dated both inside and out, and the family desperately required more space. Upon appointing an architect, a common suggestion should such a transformation be requested by the client is to flatten the whole site and essentially start again, with a blank canvas. The client thought otherwise, and gave the architects the wonderful puzzle of transforming their existing structure into something so visually different...

Going about it the hard way, this residence has certainly been transformed, and the new home is lavishly decorated to the point that it is now well aligned with SATORI & SCOUT's aspirations. With its roof retained (and extended), 80's style roof hip endings removed and 90's conservatory updated, these are merely the external features that have altered - the inside has been completely stripped and rebuilt! It seems that quite literally, a new home has been constructed.

Presenting a family-comfortable, minimalist home, this transformation sees the two-tonal space greys of the external finishes continue to its interior, breathing life through its soft furnishings, kitchenware and bathroom tops. All rooms have been completed with white render, whilst there are a comfortable amount of furniture items to make each functional space adequately family-friendly. Each space seems to flow between each other quite effortlessly, whereby the staircase remains to be minimalist by way of its subtlety and location, not wishing for a disconnect between the floor levels which can so often happen.

With a generous reverse-side external patio, a grand-gestured back door entrance, and many downward-facing spot lights, the home is as well finished outside as it is inside. Positioned as central to the site as possible, and us knowing the home owner's former profession, we can only assume that in several years time, the greys of the building will provide a really well-considered anchor point to the lovely landscape design that will follow. We hope the Transformation home really sets a precedent for you to go on and be ambitious, and help you not be so scared to upgrade your home to match your choice of lifestyle... Discover more about the Dutch based studio at

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