The Armadillo Refreshment Canopy

As the world knows over, British people love tea, picnics and country walks and this Armadillo Tea Canopy that has been designed by Ron Arad for Revolution Precrafted is a super cool refreshment spot. As an independent shell structure that has application and is suitable for either the indoors and outdoors, the Armadillo Tea Canopy provides a near-instant installation intimate enclosure, place of shelter or spot for reflection irrespective of whether you're in an intimate garden, vast landscape, or urban internal space. Whether or not an armadillo is a creature of your admiration is a separate question on its own, but the design of this artform is unquestionably really quite impressive.
The pavilion comprises of five moulded shells that are modular components and mechanically-fixed together with architectural exposed fixings and stiffening brackets. Via the structure's modularity, the space has the ability and freedom to be configured to suit the requirements of its user(s) and can suit a number of arrangements, as photographed. The pavilion's quick erection is echoed not least by its modularity and ability to adapt to its' users preferences, but also by the lack of any need to have anchoring points - though due it being a free-standing element, external anchorage points are facilitated.
The pavilion is available in a variety of materials, from oiled plywood to durable PVDF-coated timber composite (for exposed outdoor usages in particular), whilst the shell fixings, foot brackets and structural stiffeners are each made of hand-patinated brass and bronze. Light weight, the structure can easily reach up to 20m in length, and everything about the design oozes quality, least to mention the quality of well-being you will have when you find yourself beneath the canopy.
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