Self-Cleaning LARQ For Your Essential Water Supply

The modern adventurer is one that leaves the compass at home and heads off until the wilderness like an absolute maverick. Leave your phone, leave your wallet, leave all those modern comforts that we've all grown to be so very accustomed to. In fact, just go full Christopher McCandless (search him) and just leave it all behind. Okay, so maybe not everything. After all, you are going to need to slurp on some of that liquid nectar that is vital to your survival - water. 'But not every water source in the wilderness is safe to drink from' we hear you say. Not a problem modern adventurer, the LARQ Bottle has got you covered.

Utilising a digital purification system, LARQ have designed a water bottle that eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses when operating in its higher power Adventure Mode. The water purification system works by using a UV-C LED technology, which is the UV ray with the shortest wavelength and highest energy that enables it to kill bacteria and viruses. Better yet, using this method of purification doesn't alter the taste of the water or make it smell bad, just safe to drink.

All this innovation relies on a Li-Polymer battery that will keep your LARQ bottle purifying for up to a month on a single charge. So, once you're all juiced up and ready to go, you'll have two purifying modes to choose from. Single tap your bottle to initiate 'Normal' mode, a 60-second cycle for when you trust the water sources, for your day-to-day usage. When you're off the beaten path or getting water from a tap in London, initiate 'Adventure' mode with a double-tap to start a 3-minute cycle for extra purification. In addition, LARQ will kick into 'Self-Cleaning Mode' every two hours for a 10-minute cycle so it stays clean all day long.

Along with the ability to purify, the LARQ bottle is also able to keep water your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 24 hours, perfect for those hotter climates or for enjoying a tea or coffee on the go. Whilst this is a typical feature you'll find many of LARQs competitor brands also offer, it's still handy and appreciated. Last but by no means least, LARQ looks the business. Clean, minimalist and available in a range of colours make it very hard not to like. Discover more about LARQ at:

Photography credit : LARQ

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