Ross House Of Monotonal Juxtaposition

Make sure that your home blends in with the neighbourhood they say, ensure that the character of the area isn't lost by any new intervention they demand; well, in the UK at least. Scouting this fantastic home which can be found nestled in Melbourne (Australia), the designers have done anything but, however, upon completion, the home certainly adds to the local area; a monotonal juxtaposition in the most casual of ways.

Found along a street characterised by traditional white-coloured homes, this home - titled 'Ross' - is as black a colour as you can commercially source and designed by Ola Studio, certainly adds something to the streetscape. Of sculptural form, the home boasts all sorts of minimalist details and having a fantastic interior/exterior relationship - particularly at the home's rear -, SATORI & SCOUT are impressed on many levels by the attention to detail and boldness of the entire project. Ola are an Australian architecture studio who are passionate about crafting warm and inviting spaces that connect with one another, and particularly contribute positively to their environments. A design team understanding that every project is unique and individual, this home is certainly both of these traits.

Respecting other residences by way of its fantastic gabled roof to match aesthetically and functionally, the home's front big window and otherwise blank wall canvas are both as bold as one another. Featuring an exterior facade that literally opens up to bring the outside in, or introduce the inside out, the home feels as public as it is private. Though black on the outside, most of the interior's walls and flooring are painted white (or concrete) to give further juxtaposition, and with the homeowner's avid art collectors, there is little more the designers could do to make such a fantastic space. That said, is the home 'too' designed?

With vertical panels strategically located around the house to ensure that the interior doesn't overheat by way of direct light, a semi-private deck runs the full length of the home's side on it's second floor to ensure that the home maximises its relationship with the outside. Full of casual furniture options and spaces which are as open-plan and flexible as they are well-considered, SATORI & SCOUT would definitely move in tomorrow if we could. In fact, make that today. Discover more about the architects online at: OlaStudio.format

Photography credit : Derek Swalwell

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