Ori Cloud Bed For A Multifunctional Living Space

Have you ever found yourself searching for your next flat or apartment to rent, or buy, to then have the same rhetorical being on your mind - '...but the living space on this one looks too small, and the bedroom too, I can't live here'. Well, you are not alone nor is it exactly a hidden secret that city living spaces are getting fewer and smaller by the years. If you're in the market for a one-bed, perhaps a studio, or even a four-bed apartment to share with mates, whichever you are, the likely chances are you will find yourself wondering how to make your room become bigger, or at least, feel spacier. You've space for your bed, side desk, a mirror and chair in the corner...the list could go on, but the now lack of walking space takes the list to an abrupt end. What can be done?

Introducing a bed that moves up, down and away, Ori Living's Cloud Bed quite literally disappears into the ceiling to reveal a cosy living space that is complete with a coffee table and sofa. Bed making isn't even required. An effortless way to transform your available space and essentially create two rooms within one, Ori Living's Cloud Bed is transformable. Literally.

Offering you the luxury of a King or Queen sized bed without losing living space in this sci-fi something-you-call-it combo, such a transition also takes just 30 seconds. Quick and quiet, what becomes the couch is then a clean and sleek piece of furniture to complement any modern-living decor. The accompanying coffee table even fits neatly under the bed as a finishing touch to the living area. Still more, some hidden storage can be located with two pull-out drawers beneath the couch to offer space for linens, clothing or whatever else you may need in your bedroom, we mean, living space. You get the idea.

As Hasier Larrea, CEO and founder of Ori Living explains, the Cloud Bed can be controlled in a number of ways, either natively using their Ori app or by installation of an Ori Square control panel. Equally so, by voice activation with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa - it is 2020 afterall. Continuing, "...as urban populations continue to grow, society must find ways of making increasingly small living and working spaces provide better experiences and at the same time be more functional, affordable, efficient, and sustainable." Discover more about Ori Living's smart designs at: OriLiving.com.

Photography credit : Ori Living

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