Northern Lights' Iglut Igloos

The Northern Lights are a curious sight, and equally curious to us are the methods in which you view them. Whether hiking for days, on a boat or car trip, or from the comforts of your own home (yeah, right!), these igloos specifically exist for the latter reasoning. Located in Lapland, spending the night in Levin Iglut igloos is magical, and that's not just because of their surprisingly spacious accommodation.

Enabling full sight of the starry arctic sky, no-one is telling you to leave the comforts of your bed to witness them. An unconventional hotel location, design and everything else, Levin Iglut creates a wonderful experience. Offering various types of igloos on site, unforgettable moments in Lapland's nature can be found on anyone's honeymoon, holiday-goers and even wedding attendees. A site complex of igloos, each as wonderfully multi-faceted as each other, therein boasts a prime location on the side of the fell with an unobstructed view of the valley.

With a touch of luxury, each of the igloos feature electrically heated non-fogging glass, air conditioning, a small kitchen, shower and toilet, a wi-fi connection and motorised beds (in case you have to decide between sleep and northern lights). Ensuring that everything inside is warm and outside clear-skied, what more could anyone want than to witness such a sight in the comfort of warmth (and one another?), whilst not being totally secluded from the outside world (usage of wi-fi isn't mandatory). Discover more about the hotel destination online at: 

Photography credit : Levin Iglut
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