In Harmony With Nature At The Casa To Hotel

Boutique hotels are nothing new, and whilst many look the same as the last - consider an abundance of palm trees, a plethora of nice furnishings, some impressive vistas -, others are distinctively delightful. This is one, redefining hotel hospitality with a careful balance between relaxation and nature, pragmatic design and architectural wonder.

Located in Mexico's La Punta Zicatela, the location of the Casa To boutique hotel is one of golden sunsets, sea, sand and cliffs. Beyond the natural landscape that surrounds the boutique hotel, it is inside that is perhaps most impressive. An oasis of circular design architecture, no two corners are the same; that is, if there are any corners.

Casato Hotel Circular Architecture

An Immersive Enviroment For Limited Guests

With just nine hotel rooms available at the Casa To boutique hotel, you can be sure that your appreciation for the space won't be intruded by a mass of neighbouring guests. Thus allowing all guests to fully immerse themselves in the setting that it offers without disruption, you can be sure to find yourself immersing in a state of total contemplation.

Casatao hotel Swimming Area

A Juxtaposition Of Private And Open

Designed by renowned architect Ludwig Godefroy, the Casa To boutique hotel fuses local tradition with modern design, with the result a unique structure that is as peaceful as it is bold. With an interplay of private areas as frequent as those visibly eye-catching, the interior embodies an oasis that is enclosed by the sky and the weight of the surrounding concrete walls; climbing plants and fruit trees also provide a curious frame. Harmonising nature with the built environment, it is the honesty to materials as much as the boldness of such materiality that makes you feel as at ease with the juxtaposition as much as you are in total serenity. 

With an infinity pool at its heart, its surrounding overbearing walls contradict the lightweight structures whilst the darkness created by the low roofscapes and its corners contrast with the natural light that shines in. With a complete sense of protection against the world around you, you are also never too far away from a glimpse to the outside. The hotel's gardens are also there to be seen, wandered and enjoyed, accessible from the hotel rooms.

Casato Hotel Patio Doors

Bringing Nature Inside Casato Hotel

Casato Hotel Hotel Room

Sustainable Architecture Efforts

Beyond aesthetics, the Casa To boutique hotel also hails various sustainability efforts. It is often said that good design doesn't have to do everything, it just has to do a few things very well; the Casa To boutique hotel reduces its environmental impact through its water treatment plant to reuse greywater for the planted areas, its solar panels store reusable energy and the hotel governs an on-site zero-plastics policy. With only natural materials used in the construction - such as local stone and wood -, not only does the building achieve a reduction in its footprint, it also enables every space to achieve this juxtaposition between that man-made and organic.

Do take a moment to appreciate this architecture, and if you're lucky and find yourself planning a holiday to Mexico, maybe give staying at this hotel a consideration. Enjoy.

Harmony Nature Inside Casato Hotel

Casato Hotel Outdoor Patio

Perfect Circle Architecture

Project / Brand: Casa To Hotel
Architect: Ludwig Godefroy
Photography: Levi Wells

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