Greener Living With Pikaplant

Greener living is better living. Pause. Period. End of. Searching far and wide for product(s) to make it easier to care for plants, Pikaplant is a brand which makes plant-keeping so easy that anyone can do it. In addition to all the world's fanciest products and tech, the assets of clean space and time are both equally valuable in which we should all strive to make the most of. Houseplants are something to help you attain a more aspirational lifestyle.

Inspired by nature - as you might have expected - Pikaplant is an interpretation of a bottle garden or closed terrarium, mimicking natural high-humidity biotopes. Providing an environment for plants inside these glass jars to continuously recycle the water they have and create a miniature ecosphere, the plants quite literally water themselves so you never need to. Self-sustainable, Pikaplant hand pick each seedling and provide the resources that each needs to create a well-balanced plant ecosystem. Sealed airtight, the lifespan of individual plants do vary but a guarantee of at least 3 months is offered and many flourishes for upward of 40 months, all without water

Beyond the jars, Pikaplant also offers Pikaplant One, a shelving system that automatically waters your plants in a wet-dry cycle and is simultaneously useful as a living room divider. Equally too, Pikaplant Tableau is a new concept as an automatic watering slate for herbs and houseplants. A self-watering system which mimics the natural wet-dry cycle of groundwater, what a fantastic idea. Giving yourself an environment to become more creative and productive, as well as reduce any stress, these Pikaplant houseplants also help regulate air humidity and remove trace toxins from the air. Connecting with nature is a basic human need, and SATORI & SCOUT agrees with Pikaplant that everyone is a plant lover at heart. Discover more about the idea and shop online at:

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