Garden Infusion Above Your Home

Often indicating that nature is one of life's great contributors to the aspirational lifestyle, SATORI & SCOUT reckon this live-work conversion that can be found in London (UK) goes one further. Arguably even better than IKEA's hydroponics that offers gardening inside, this 'Personal Sky Garden' is just that; yes, you can actually see the outside garden above you while inside.

With clients that obtained planning permission for roof extensions to their home, it was decided that the home should be super personalised to their lifestyle and needs. Wanting to create a self-contained separate flat on the ground floor, maximise light for each space, incorporate spaces with different uses into the square floor plan, and particularly aim to maintain an old view to the garden, nothing sounds too onerous beyond a conventional architect brief. Despite such, however, the final design is certainly unique and the designers created a uniquely glazed and slanted / angled roof terrace, enabling all the light you could desire to enter into the home, and of course offer a view back to the garden which sits atop such terrace. Introducing green and nature into otherwise white canvas walled rooms, the roof terrace offers a green infusion that controls attention from within the home below.

As the clients explained, "..from the very first meeting we were impressed by the combination of down-to-earth practicality and out-of-the-box imaginative vision." SATORI & SCOUT certainly love the spatial creativity at hand here, and perhaps never thought this could ever been achieved on a residential scale. Discover more about the designers at

Photography credit : Matt Clayton

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