For Cat Lovers, Modular Feline Furniture

Are you a cat owner whose cat tries to jump onto the furniture in the sliest of fashions every... single... time? Or, are you a cat owner who embraces their freedom around the house? Well, either or, we've a solution for you and your cats, or even those more the small canine variety. Sunriu isn't just about crafting furniture; it's about curating experiences that seamlessly blend into daily life. Specialising in furniture and product design, the studio is committed to infusing imagination into every creation, fostering connections that transcend cultural boundaries.

Cat Furniture, Designed. Designed Well

Their journey began with a vision to reimagine the ordinary, infusing functionality with fun while celebrating the bond between humans and their furry companions. Their innovative designs have garnered international acclaim, captivating media giants and design enthusiasts alike.

Modular Cat Furniture

Take, for example, the Flow sofa - a testament to harmonious co-existence between humans and cats. Its spiral armrests, ingeniously hollow, each provide cozy retreats for feline friends to curl up and snooze, fostering moments of shared joy between owner and pet.

Too, Sunriu's commitment to versatility doesn't stop there. Enter the Aisle Sofa, a modular marvel that seamlessly adapts to any living space, offering endless possibilities for play and relaxation for both humans and cats alike.

Their latest creation, the Quarter Sofa, elevates innovation to new heights. With a sleek design catering to human comfort and a hollow base and backrest perfect for curious cats, it's a true blend of functionality and whimsy.

What truly sets Sunriu apart is their dedication to infusing fun with functionality, which definitely gets the SATORI & SCOUT nod of approval. Their designs boast confident colours and playful shapes, transforming pet basics into statement pieces that elevate any space.

Modular Cat Furniture

Stylish Cat-Lover Furniture

Whether you're a cat lover seeking style and comfort or a design enthusiast craving a touch of whimsy, Sunriu has you covered. Join them in celebrating the beauty of communal living, where every piece tells a story, and every moment is shared with those we love—furry friends included.

Project / Brand: Sunriu
Photography: Behance

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