Finnish Koti Cottages In French Capital

With the generous spirit of Finland, located in the heart of Paris and available from January til May 2017, the Institut Finlandais are introducing a very new concept. A socialable bunch with a combined desire to always eat healthily and go 'out of town' for the weekend, Finn people are also equally hot on design. Celebrating 100 years of independence, the institute of Finland is constructing outposts around Europe, all above and beyond the idea of 'mobile home' and sharing their heart-warming life desires.

A bed and breakfast project, Koti is taking place in the heart of Paris over 100 days, and has the aim of celebrating Finnish culture through the medium of the traditional Finnish cottage (Aitta). A modern take on the Aitta with an integrated bed that has been designed by Parisien Linda Bergroth (France), the home includes many designer's wares, namely: linens, robes and slippers by Lapuan Kankurit; tableware by Nathalie Lahdenmaki; coffee pots by Wesley Walter and Salla Luhtasela; furniture by Mattila & Merz for Nikari; and Innolux lamps that simulate natural daylight to wake you up each morning in a slow manner. As the Parisien Finnish-born Bergroth explains, "Summer cottage trips are a part of our soul."

Erected in the Institute of Finland, 12 cabins will be arranged around a communal dining table, and will be available to hire for bed and breakfast purposes from January 2017, for a limited time of 100 days. Breakfast that will be on offer as part of the service will include typical Finnish foods such as rye bread, salted butter and local berries.

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Photography credit : Koti Sleepover
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