Fieldhouse: Next Gen Indoor Gardening

A premium growing experience, Fieldhouse provides a new, design-forward way to grow nutrient rich greens in any home. Founders Alexine and Alex, from the outset, had the goal of showing that anyone can grow plants indoors, regardless of experience. Given the proper tools coupled with easily digestible instructions, Fieldhouse caters to everyone — from the first time grower to the hardcore gardening expert alike.

The Next Generation Of Indoor Gardening Fieldhouse

Fieldhouse is a product that may be considered deeply considered - incorporating the highest quality materials whilst being in response to a redesign of a lifestyle choice that often comes with friction into moments of joy. The end result: a unique grow system that evokes moments of quiet contemplation and connects users to a sense of inner calm. One that sparks curiosity, and performs year after year, harvest after harvest.

The Next Generation Of Indoor Gardening Fieldhouse

Dispelling the green thumb myth, Fieldhouse believes that with the right education, any person can garden. With the right tools, any garden can flourish. Leath, the parent brand, started to give the home edible gardening space a much-needed refresh. The founders were looking to incorporate the freshest, most nutritious ingredients into their home cooking, but were tired of compromising on design and quality when it came to growing. And living in the city, they needed a solution that worked within the confines of a smaller space.

The Next Generation Of Indoor Gardening FieldhouseWith Leath, their aim is to slow things down a bit and relish the experience of growing from seed to harvest. To appreciate the feeling of planting with your own two hands — and finding deliciously creative ways to enjoy the greens of your own labour.

The Next Generation Of Indoor Gardening Fieldhouse

Rooted in design, planted in New York, the Fieldhouse is made of premium materials (utilising durable powder-coated steel and professional food grade HDPE), that also features full spectrum LEDs to provide optimal growing conditions for your greens. With a friction free bottom-watering system to reduce risk of over/under hydrating soil, accompanied with a measuring cup for accurate watering and a silicone booted spray bottle (glass) for germination stage watering, all coupled with a minimal design that elevates any space it occupies, here at SATORI & SCOUT we think Fieldhouse hits the mark.

The Next Generation Of Indoor Gardening Fieldhouse

Boasting the ability to feature year-round harvests, every single month of the year, this is enabled due to:

  • Roof Shade - to direct and focus the light towards your greens and away from your eyes.
  • Grow tray - using a bottom watering system that features a nesting dual tray design, this design is the best way to ensure your greens get the water they need, in the amount they want.
  • LED Grow Light - full spectrum LED lights accelerate growth and enhance flavors. The Fieldhouse features a diffuser to further cut back on light bleed.
  • Germ Lid - the germination lid is a weighted cover for seeds that simulates the feeling of being buried under soil. It promotes strong roots and increases yields substantially.
  • Control Buttons - control the grow lights yourself, or set the 12 hour timer and let the Fieldhouse do its thing.
The Next Generation Of Indoor Gardening Fieldhouse

Now, all that's needed if you're new to growing is some kind of education. Yup, Fieldhouse have you covered with their first-in-class Education Center that details every aspect of the growing process. Seed to stem, soup to nuts.

Project / Brand: Leath

Photography: Leath

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