Cutting Edge Panoramic Cabin

Would you venture up to the top of a mountain, only to find a small cabin? What if, perhaps, such a mountain was almost insurmountable?

Designed by Slovenian studio OFIS Arhitekti, such a cabin cantilevers itself over the edge of Mount Kanin mountain, which can be found on the Slovenian-Italian border. The Kanin Winter Cabin is designed to resist all the extreme weather conditions that you could potentially be exposed to on Mount Kanin and is yet, roughly little more than 9.7 sqm in size. Super narrow, the small cabin features three shelf-like floors and being only 2.4m wide, such a structure makes for a wonderful framing of a panoramic view.

Made entirely of timber, glass and aluminium, as OFIS explains, "The challenge is to install real objects, shelters in 1:1 on remote sites and study their response to extreme weather, radical temperature shifts, snow and rugged terrain. The harsh conditions of wind, snow, landslides, terrain, and weather require a response of specific architectural forms, structures and concept."

Known for record snowfalls and rains as well as strong winds, Mount Kanin can only actually be accessed via climbers or by helicopter, and as such, only those truly adventurous will be able to appreciate such a panoramic view and shelter. Discover more about the designer online at

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