Creatively Multifunctional Play Space

It can often be said that when architects come to play in the furniture designer's world that fantastic things can happen. Certainly more akin to architecture than furniture design, London (UK) based architect firm Studio Ben Allen has designed and built a fantastically cute plywood play area that has been commisioned by a Barbican resident (also UK), catering for two children and featuring various openings, height changes, fun and games.

An aspirational design for any growing child. A multi-usage space that allows for homework and play, the creatively wonderful structure allows a place to sleep as much as an area to play and store things. Really quite unique, the composition has been named A Room For Two, and the furniture design has been manufactured from birch plywood. Designed to have spaces that feel like two miniature homes, one for each child, the eldest takes the study desk that is accompanied with storage shelving and an upper-storey sleeping area that is accessed via built-in stairs.

The youngest child takes the other half, enjoying a cosy bed area that is found beneath the other in a bunk bed arrangement, as well as various folding desks for creative play. A very smart yet simple design, SATORI & SCOUT enjoys this design. Inspired by one of the client's wall paintings, Studio Ben Allen's design features a similarly large wooden piece of furniture. A bold installation in an otherwise modest housing estate flat, the sheer size of the furniture piece reflects the Barbican's brutalist architecture; with concrete synonymous with that area of London, this design is entirely contextual as well as form-follows-function. Discover more about the architect online at:

Photography credit : Michael Sinclair
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