Create Your Own Unopiu Urban Balcony

Whilst this is somewhat topical as a result that little talked about global pandemic that we are all currently living through, outdoor living space in a city dwelling is always priceless. The majority of the time as well, living in the UK, it is also dead space for half the year (lets face it, its more like 360 days of the year). But for those that live in a hotter climates or that are prepared to brave the artic winds that so often batter the UK, Unopiu have a solution to make your outside space a little more livable.

Designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Unopiu, the Urban Balcony allows you to really utilise your outdoor space by transforming a balcony or terrace into an extension of the interior of your home. As no one home is the same, the Urban Balcony can also be made to measure and customised with flower boxes, shelves, countertops, and more.

As Unopiu explains, "...the Urban Balcony design is young and fresh, interpreting urban living with new quality vision. It is a modular system whose versatility and modularity allow various modular creations, even on small city terraces, providing refined outdoor areas to be enjoyed all year round. An extra room in the open that can be organized as you wish, thanks to its modular structure in fine highly durable iroko wood. It can be fixed to either the wall or ceiling and comes with a wide selection of white aluminium accessories."

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Photography credit : Unopiu

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