Cinema Of Fun, Affordable Comfort

When you think a cinema trip is worth a visit as part of your dating routine, or perhaps an event often looked forward to at weekends for all the family, SATORI & SCOUT are sure that your local Odeon (other cinemas are available) is far from the multi-hundred-million pound complexes often found in Middle Eastern countries. Such places offer beds, champagne and even massages as part of the film's experience, but are they all just too unconventional and futuristic?

The new Tulikino Cinema in Slovakia has other thoughts, and there, snuggling upon large, colourful sofa-like bean bags is actually required. If a direct translation, 'tulikino' means 'snuggling cinema' and the 100 seat theatre complex is certainly unique. Designed by Michal Stasko for the X-Bionic Sphere multiplex in the city of Samorín Cilistov, the complex is as cool as it is relaxed, as fun as it is colourful, as innovative as it is unconventional. With bean bags across the entire floor to comfortably seat all visitors, the complex also boasts a collection of acoustic wall panels and cubicles of similar aesthetic. All floors are colourful in detail and you might be forgiven for being as much in awe of the comforts as you are in the film.

Appealing to the open-minded, SATORI & SCOUT definitely think that the Tulikino cinema offers an innovatively original experience that is unique compared to the usual, classic movie venues. Discover more about the designer online at

Photography credit : Stasko

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