Brightly Reinventing The Internet : MyLiFi

Claiming to be 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is a new technology that is particularly beginning to make traction. Towards the next age of the internet, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in Li-Fi as visible light transmitters and perform two functions: illumination (as you might expect) and even high-speed wireless networking. As the critics have tried and tested, LiFi as a technology is able to offer a much faster and stable connection than WiFi and is generally a far more protective infrastructure given that its light is contained within spaces rather than travel through walls and beyond. SATORI & SCOUT are most pleased with the technology's reduction of radiowaves, reducing electromagnetic pollution and interferences for all our health benefits. With such an introduction understood, brightly reinventing the way we connect with LiFi technology, the Oledcomm MyLiFi LED Lamp is so much more than just a desk lamp.

Designed by Pierre Garner of eliumstudio for Oledcomm, this seemingly simple and minimalist desk lamp might just revolutionise the way in which we access the internet as we know it; it's all happened before with the transition from dial-up (that dial-up tone was everything though, in a nostalgic sense). Aiming to put standard wi-fi routers behind us, the light emissions from these desk lamps are superbly fast (can you see light move?), giving a device's receiver dongle all the data that it requires to receive and send. Wonderfully eliminating electromagnetic emissions and potentially reducing almost all signal interruption/privacy invasion (due to a line of sight being required from the light source), the dongle's password and username access seems all so archaic, but of course, necessary for peace of mind's sake.

With the illuminance of the lamp adjustable via a smartphone application - of course it is(!) - the lamp seems to be a complete future-age solution, but that said, SATORI & SCOUT can see a simple limitation: what if you don't want to be under the lamp (or it's daytime), how then do you receive internet? The lamp looks very cool aesthetically too, let's also not forget this. Discover more about the technology and lamp online at:

Photography credit : Oledcomm
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