Bonsai That Floats, Literally

Bonsai trees and all the mystery that surrounds such, are truly fascinating. The Japanese art form of growing and housing miniature trees in often-decorative containers also exists in other Asian cultures, but is a phenomenon that has gained popularity all over the world. "Penjing" from Chinese tradition was where the art originated from, and the Vietnamese have their own similar miniature landscapes in "Hon Non Bo". Dating back to over 1,000 years ago, the Japenese art is both highly creative and mind-soothing, with an overarching purpose of being used for contemplation and the satisfaction of ingenuity for the curious-mind. Bonsai has never been intended for production of food (or medicine), and instead has always been for its long-term decorative cultivation. A natural delight.

Air Bonsai is a new concept designed by Hoshinchu; a floating Bonsai that has been conceived out of thin air, literally. Allowing the owner to create their 'little star', termed as such due to the natural phenomenon floating in space (thin air) and the plant representing Earth (which is indeed a Galaxy star), Air Bonsai has widely featured across TIME, Wired, Elle Decor, Engadget and more, such is its innovation. With the Bonsai's featured plant ranging from elegantly flowering pines (matsu) to delightful mosses, other Japaneses flowers available, amongst others, include the wonderfully named Kare-Kaede, Tokusa, Kimi-Zumi, Shin-Paku.

Compromised of two parts - the energy base (container) and the little star (plant) - the invention works by having the energy base radiate magnetic energy upwards, enabling the little star to float harmoniously about 2 - 4 cm above. The energy base's container is made from Japanese Imari porcelain and the included magnet has the ability to rotate what floats above. The little star has its own built-in magnet within the growth sponge for the Bonsai.

Available from the Air Bonsai brand is the traditional Little Star Bonsai moss ball plus energy base kit, an alternative Lava Ball Little Star ball (made from lava collected from the Sakurajima Volcano) plus energy base kit, and a particularly special kit that features a handmade energy base that takes 3 months to mould and hand-finish. Such a handmade base is hand-fired in a kiln, hand painted with a Fu-De (a Japanese brush) and glaze fired to affect the final glaze and vibrancy. Whichever aesthetic you would prefer, Air Bonsai is something really unique.

Please note, due to Japan's strict quarantine regulations the export of plants is strictly prohibited, and therefore all purchased kits shall include plants that are locally procured in your home nation. Complete with a Kiri box (a Japanese presentation box that is made of Paulownia wood and vintage fabric), make sure you discover your home's next new decoration. Nurture your plant, and watch it thrive...

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