Barcelona Indoors-Outdoors Gallery House

Beyond recent tragic events, the SATORI & SCOUT team wishes to explore Barcelona's architectural beauty. Designed by Barcelona's (Spain) own Carles Enrich, this lovely renovation called 'gallery-house' is quite possibly everything our team ever dreams of. Renovated beyond its 20th century foundings, the apartment home can be found in one of the most urban areas of the Catalan capital, but you wouldn't know. A historic property, its modern version is quite simply stunning. A house that connects the front streets with the rear courtyards, the former storage block was repurposed as a music studio with the courtyard acting as a central circulation area. Fragmented into many smaller rooms that each connect to the central courtyard, the colourful tiles have been removed and reinstalled as part of the renovation process to preserve its material heritage; now positioned in main circulation areas, the house is just delightful.

With a succession of different rooms, porticos define its spaces. Adding visual depth, the house is enhanced by all these various intervention details, and views out into the street from a variety of standpoints. SATORI & SCOUT are big advocates of blurring inside and outside, and in this dwelling, this is done perfectly. Using passive design techniques to ensure a control of temperature, each of the patios offers so much more than just an area to be in in the morning (or evening); thermal regulation and natural lighting. Helping to regulate in even the hottest of days in the year, cross ventilation is an architectural trait at its masses here. Materialled with re-used brick to create a double façade, this wonderful-to-touch material improves thermal inertia and acoustic insulation simultaneous to looking so fantastic.

Is there much that we don't enjoy about this property? Not really, no. Discover more about the architect online at: 

Photography credit : Carles Enrich
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