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Variety is most certainly the spice of life, and over the last few years there have been a spate of new brands emerging that wish to offer produce that is unlikely to be otherwise available in your home nation, which for us, is the United Kingdom. One such brand is Collected Coffee, a brand that's offering you a passport to discover the world's best coffee, and their subscription-based offerings are certainly fresh.

As it currently stands, the subscription for June has now closed with July just around the corner, but if you were a lucky subscriber this month you'd be receiving the exclusive debut of 'Ngurueri', a AA Kenyan coffee that has been roasted by Small Batch who are based in Melbourne. Sourced from the windward slopes of Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro, this "exceptional coffee is grown by a cooperative of smallholder members," Collected Coffee explain, and "...with notes of butterscotch, caramel apple, and grains of paradise, Ngurueri is a shining example of how a truly clean coffee can taste."

With an overarching goal to bring you such widely sourced coffee each month, all continually tasted and tested, Collected Coffee want to make the obtaining of experiences easy and enjoyable. With customers based in Berlin to Melbourne, Amsterdam to Tokyo, SATORI & SCOUT is certainly impressed by their actions and idea. In each bag that you subscribe to you receive 250g worth of whole bean filter coffee, and with the flexibility to pause or cancel at anytime, and free domestic shipping, surely there aren't many other better ways to receive coffee from some of the best roasters in the world?

Only offering you the most premium coffee each month, Collected Coffee go about their ways of scouting and recruiting roasters by beginning dialogues, sampling offerings and "...looking for a coffee that provides a uniquely delicious and intriguing experience," the brand promises. With blind taste testing and experimental brewing across a range of coffee-making methods, Collected Coffee aim to always keep the coffee quality consistent. Upon agreement with the roasters and after marketing the new flavours, all of your subscribed Collected Coffee bags are actually bagged on site at the coffee roasters, rather than be shipped half way around the world to be stored for weeks; this is something SATORI & SCOUT certainly approve of. Sealed fresh, enjoy your new subscription.

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