The Speciality Coffee Revolution

Coffee has very much become part of many people's daily lives, and whichever brand (and origin) of beans you prefer, the common consensus is that filter coffee is out-and-out better tasting, better roasted and better textured than all instant coffee that has ever existed.Many filter coffee apparatuses are commercially available on the high street, from the most elegant of Jura or Miele machines to the more modest of percolators, however none quite match up to the Trinity One in terms of being a standalone revolution for speciality coffee.

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Such a big claim might not sit too well on the more experienced of you filter coffee users, whereby you may already be highly aware that some coffee machines available today can cost into the thousands of pounds; so why so revolutionary?

The Trinity One, first and foremost, is quite a modest bit of kit. By combining a number of brewing methods into one single and efficient process, the Trinity One has successfully equalled what machines do internally, but externally and far more effectively. Manufactured with high quality, high-sheen stainless steel and complete with black walnut timber finishes, such quality of materials equally match the brewer's coffee making abilities.

Designed for all of "Pour Over", "Press" and "Cold Brew" methods, the device firstly has a brew chamber - conventionally named - which has a conical opening to allow for all common filter papers (should you want to use the "pour over" method), and is double walled for thermal insulation. For the "Press" method, the constant-diameter chamber is complete with a 3kg weighted press cylinder which once inserted, will force the water through the chamber's coffee beans section via mild air pressure to slowly produce our favourite caffeinated liquid. The aforementioned beans section is the Trinity's filter head - also conventionally known - which has various action points to allow you to control the liquids flow, and allow you to stop drips, pour into multiple cups and also "brew cold". Ideal.

Such a simple device is largely unrivalled, whereby no machined device works on gravity or air pressure in the same way. The mere consistency of the weighted press' movement will allow you to be confident that your coffee will be always perfect, despite the lack of electronics and designer brand logo. If you couple this with the fact that you're unlikely to want to hide the device away in your cupboard, you are safe in the knowledge that all your friends and family will continually be intrigued by its experience...

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