Kit Kat Sushi Hits Japan

Ever thought that the boundaries of sushi and chocolate could be merged to create one homogeneous product? SATORI & SCOUT didn't either, but such has occurred in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan). Nicely designed and packed, and equally tasty as your curious mind tempts you to try one, could this fad become something much more?

Arriving into speciality stores across Tokyo in early February, such limited edition Kit Kat foodstuffs are available in three traditional Japanese seafood dishes: tuna, sea urchin and egg. Entirely unexpected, Tuna is to be a collection of raspberry Kit Kat chocolate bars that are placed on a bed of solidified rice puffs; Sea Urchin is a melon blended taste with mascarpone cheese, both held together via a seaweed wrapping; and Egg consists of pumpkin pudding and rice that are both encased in a ribbon-like seaweed shell.

Initially introduced as an April fools joke in 2016, these sushi bars have been designed by head chef Yasuaki Takagi, and are to only be avialable for those customers spending over 3000 Japanese Yen (About £30).

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